The Mecha Mega Titan in each of its modes | Source: Bonkers Toys/The Toy Insider

Some toys come with everything listed on the box so kids know exactly what they’re getting, but that’s not the case with the Ryan’s World Mega Mecha Titan! Kids ages 3 and up will be in for mega surprises as they put this giant robot toy together.

The latest playset in Bonkers Toys’ ongoing Ryan’s World line initially appears to be a suitcase. However, at the top of the suitcase, there’s a clear hatch hiding a key ring that kids can use to open different panels in the toy and reveal blind bag surprises. Inside those blind bags, kids will discover five micro figures based on characters from the popular Ryan’s World YouTube channel — including Combo Panda, Peck, Gus the Gummy Gator, and Red Titan — a Red Titan superhero mask and cape, a titan spinner, and four Ryan’s World-themed stickers. 

Kids can disassemble and then reassemble the six pieces that make up the suitcase to make up the arms, legs, torso, and head of the titan. The headpiece — aka control center — has a space for one of the micro figures to sit and a yellow, see-through visor that displays the micro figures even when it’s closed. The toy is designed to be transformed back and forth between robot mode and suitcase form as part of the play pattern: When the titan is in suitcase form, there is a yellow piece that holds everything together which is also used as a handle to carry the toy on the go. 

In all, the entire set took me around 30 minutes to open up and put together into robot mode, and it comes with a helpful set of directions for that building process. However, parents may need to help small kids, especially with putting the robot back into suitcase form, as the pieces of the giant titan can be difficult to pull apart. (I knocked everything off my desk at one point trying to pull off an arm!) I would recommend leaving the toy in its titan form to keep cleanup time to a minimum. 

The Mega Mecha Titan does also require some cleanup when kids first open it. The 10 blind bag items come in disposable plastic bags, but after those get thrown away, you’re good to go! 

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Once the assembly is complete and kids have the set up as a robot, the imaginative fun begins. Kids can don their superhero eye masks, connect the cape around their necks with Velcro, and jump into the action, re-creating Ryan’s World adventures with the micro figures and being a part of the team.

The accessories found in the set all add to the fun. The titan spinner is really smooth and can be used by kids or placed in the hand of the titan. The stickers that come in one of the blind bags are easily removable, so you won’t have to worry about finding semi-permanent stickers around the house. 

While I struggled a bit when putting the toy back into suitcase mode, the surprise elements of the blind bags was a big plus for me. Not knowing what you’re going to get is a bit of a thrill in the usually tedious process of toy assembly. However, all of the accessories that went into the set will make sure the fun lasts well beyond opening the blind bags and assembling the titan!