The Adventure Chest is filled with lots of expedition gear. | Source: Bonkers Toys

Grab your binoculars and excavation tools because Ryan’s World is uncovering a new fun-filled experience to share with kids.

The popular YouTuber is known for having adventures with his family and he wants his subscribers to join in on the fun. He’s on the lookout for the Lost City and needs some help from other pioneers ready to take on the task.

Bonkers Toys is releasing a new line of Ryan’s World Lost City Adventures toys, including the Adventure Backpack, the Mega Adventures Chest, and Mystery Blind Bag Figures. Kids can open all of them to find what items they can bring with them on their journey with Ryan.

The blind bags are filled with collectible figures to help kids assemble their adventuring crew. All of these Ryan’s World characters are equipped with outfits to prepare them for their journey to the Lost City. The figures are dressed in army green suits and some are dressed in special apparel, such as a hard hat, a parka, scuba gear, and a propeller cap.

Ryan’s World figures from the Adventure Blind Bags. | Source: Bonkers Toys

The Adventure Backpack contains everything a young trailblazer would need to brave perilous paths, including an off-road vehicle, a water bottle, a flashlight, mystery figures, and additional gear. This will get kids ready to search for the Lost City. The case is a wearable backpack that kids can use to store all of the expedition gear.

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With the Mega Adventures Chest, kids can unbox and discover Lose City-themed figures and toys. This kit is filled with true expedition materials, including an adventure belt, play tools, a compass spinner, a treasure map, a surprise vehicle, and more. Storage will be no issue for parents, as they can store all the toys back inside the chest after playtime.

The Ryan’s World Lost City line will be available exclusively at Target, both online and in stores starting next week.