The Planet Ryan collectible toy comes with 10 figures | Source: Bonkers Toys

Ryan’s World is getting a little bigger, as he drifts off into extraterrestrial territory with the new Galaxy Explorer’s toy line from Bonkers Toys.

Kids can embrace space exploration while they learn about the solar system with new figures and toys designed to fit the Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorers theme. The line includes Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorers Micro Figures, the Mystery Adventure Playset, Planet Ryan (pictured above), the Mini Mystery Egg, and the Galaxy One Explorer Shuttle. Many of these sets feature popular Ryan’s World characters — including Gus the Gummy Gator, Alpha Lexa, and Ryan himself — dressed in space gear.

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The Ryan’s World brand from has grown beyond YouTube videos — These new toys inspire kids to think beyond Ryan’s world and look towards the other galaxies! Kids can collect and trade these new blind figures, learn about space exploration, and more.

These out-of-this-world toys and collectibles will be available exclusively at Walmart in stores and online beginning in August.