Just Play Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ultra Mystery Box featured image

Get your hint coins and hint cards ready because it’s almost time to reveal who your mystery playdate is!

New Ryan’s Mystery Playdate toys, from Just Play, are coming out just in time for the holiday season. Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Ultra Mystery Box is the ultimate unboxing experience, featuring all of kids’ favorite moments from Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, which airs on Nick Jr. Based on the YouTube channel Ryan’s World, each episode features a surprise guest behind the door and Ryan, his family, Gus, and Combo Panda try figure out who it could be.

Kids will get to open more than 20 surprises, including figures and other elements from the show, hidden throughout the mystery box. First, they have to start with the compartments outside of the box. Kids will slide and twist different numbered buttons to reveal hidden drawers and chambers, revealing tons of blind bags. Even as a twenty-something-year-old adult, seeing the different compartments pop out seemingly out of nowhere and getting that element of surprise was a really fun experience — but wait, that wasn’t even my favorite part! Once kids open all of their outside compartments, they will crank a handle to open the walls of the box, one by one.

The mystery box will unfold into a tabletop version of Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, complete with a Guess-O-Tron, the pop-up mystery box, the surprise door, and more. The best part is that kids can close all of the compartments and do the reveals over and over again, and if you don’t think that I repeated turning the crank multiple times, then you are very much mistaken!

From there, kids can use their imaginations to be the star of their very own episode of Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, collecting clues and playing with other components from the show.

Just Play Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ultra Mystery Box in package

Aside from the literal unboxing of the Ultra Mystery Box, my favorite part about this toy is all of the interactive elements that will tap into the magical, imaginative play. Kids can place the pies in a pie launcher to send it flying across the playset, roll the mystery splasher balls down the maze, create their own lava floor, dress their figures in a silly hamburger outfit, play in the ooze pool, or press down on the whoopee cushion to hear funny farting noises. And, of course, they can reveal who their mystery playdate will be!

The set comes with five figures — Ryan, his mom, his dad, and two mystery playdates — two Guess-O-Tron cards, two hint coins, one pie launcher, two pies, lava floor stickers, *takes breath,* a hamburger outfit, a whoopee cushion, three mystery splasher balls, a mini mystery box, and an ooze pool with sticky ooze.

With Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Ultra Mystery Box, kids can unbox what feels like endless surprises while recreating scenes from the show. It’s almost like they’re in their own version of Ryan’s Mystery Playdate!