Rubiks Cage Game

Have you ever wanted to just take apart a Rubik’s Cube while trying (struggling) to solve the classic puzzle game? Thanks to the Rubik’s Cage multiplayer game, from University Games, taking one apart is finally a reality!

This game can be played with two to four players, with the setup changing slightly depending on the number of players. For two players, each player starts with three colors (12 cubes per person); three players start with two colors each (eight cubes per person); four players start with one color each (four cubes per person) and place the remaining cubes aside.

To play, kids ages 7 and up take turns lifting the top of the empty cage off and inserting a cube into the cage, one at a time. However, instead of inserting a cube, players can choose to twist one layer (top, middle, or bottom) of the cage 90 degrees left or right, or they can flip the entire cage upside down to reset the playing field. As the game continues, if a player has no remaining cubes to insert, their turns must consist of a twist or a flip. 

The twists and flips are what allow a truly strategic player to get creative, shifting the cubes in a way that other players are not expecting. The first player to vertically, horizontally, or diagonally align three of the same color cubes that they started the game with wins! 

Check it out in the YouTube video below!

This game is relatively quick and can take as few as five minutes to play. Convenient for travel, the cubes all fit inside of the cage when the game is not in use. Even the best Rubik’s Cube masters might get tricked by the twists and turns that happen when playing this game!