Root Robot Bridges the Coding Gap


Goal: $250,000
Funding Period: until November 29th
Creator: Scansorial startup emerging from Harvard University

The minds at Harvard University had a mission to make coding accessible for learners at any age—and thus, Root was born.

Root is a fun, interactive, and easy-to-use robot that teaches coding to people of all ages and backgrounds. It reacts to other object in its environment, and kids can react to Root in different ways. The robot’s interplay is orchestrated through code, so kids can download the Root app onto their tablets and select which actions they want Root to navigate.

The robot has 50 sensors that allow the robot to to move, turn, draw, scan colors, play music, light up, and more—even using magnetism to drive on wall-mounted whiteboards. As coding skills improve, Root’s multi-level app translates programs written in one level to the next, helping growing programmers take each step. Level 1 is a graphical interface that reinforces a basic “if this, then that” framework; Level 2 introduces advanced flow control statements such as when, repeat, and if-then-else; and Level 3 is a fully text-based interface that takes programmers to professionally used languages including Python, JavaScript, and Swift.

Kickstarter donations range from $10 to $1000 and prizes for Root supporters include a Root T- shirt, your name listed on the website as a token of appreciation, and a complete Root robot kit containing a Root robot, charging cable, a whiteboard, and free digital downloadable lessons and activities to navigate the robot, and more.

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