Romo, from Romotive, is a smartphone-enabled robot kids can train. Romo comes to life when an iDevice is plugged into the rover base. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, Romo can be controlled, trained, and programmed. Romo zips along at a maximum speed of 3 feet per second, he can be tilted 15 degrees forward of up to 45 degrees back, and kids can charge Romo’s battery pack anywhere using the included custom mini USB cable. Romo’s software is updated every month, so there is always something new he can do. Romo responds to human reactions, can be driven using an iDevice, and captures data through pictures. When not in play-mode, Romo can also be used as a docking station to charge iDevices. Currently distributed only in the U.S., Romo is available online and will hit store shelves this summer.