RollersT2Let the good times roll.

USAopoly’s Rollers calls for strategy, luck, and a whole lot of dice rolling. The game is a race to the top, as players aim to fill their entire board before their opponents, while they simultaneously try to collect chips to earn points along the way. The player that fills his or her board first earns two points and the player that collects the most chips earns one point. The first player to score five points after multiple rounds wins the game. Younger players will probably have trouble focusing on the technicalities of the game, which is why it’s best for kids ages 8 and up.

Before the game kicks into gear, each player must collect a game board, 15 markers that match the color of his or her board, 10 purple chips (worth five points each), and five white chips (worth 1 point each). Once everyone is all set, the first player to roll picks up all six dice and rolls to test his or her luck. 

The object of the game is to roll sets of like-numbered dice to fill those spots on the game board. At any given turn, a player may roll the dice up to three times. After each roll, he or she chooses which dice to set aside and which ones to roll again. After the third roll—or before then if the player is satisfied with the dice selection—it’s time to make a move. 

For example, if the dice a player is left with at the end of the rolls is a 1, four 4s, and a 3, he or she may fill in the open section on their board for the 1 and the 4 spaces as they have the right amount of dice they need for both slots. The player must disregard the 3 because it is not enough to fill the entire slot.

As the game progresses and players begin to fill up their boards, they must close the section. This is done when a player rolls a matching number of a slot already full and places a marker in the additional CLOSE tab—or the bottom tab on every row—on the board. When a player entirely closes a section, it gives he or she the power to collect chips from other players whenever they land on that number. For instance, if a player’s entire row of 3s is full and closed, whenever he or she rolls a 3, the player gets to collect three chips from any player whose 3 slot is not closed.

To add a fun twist to traditional dice, two of the dice have special faces. The purple dice has a star in the place of a 6, which acts as a wild. The black die has a ZAP in place of a 6 and cancels the entire roll. In other words, a player may not use any of the dice from a roll that includes a ZAP. Yikes!

When a player finally fills the entire board, he or she adds two points to the scoreboard. Whichever player has the most chips—which may also be the player with the full board—earns one point. The game continues until one lucky winner reaches five points. In the event of a tie, the player with the most chips is the crowned victor.

Now, it’s time to get to work on that lucky roll.