Super Roller-Skating Minnie Plush Gets Kids Grooving

super-roller-skating-minnie-plush_just-playRoller disco may be a thing of the past, but the new Super Roller-Skating Minnie Plush, from Just Play, brings back the skate craze with a poppy beat.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Minnie is easy to invite to the party. Kids can simply touch her iconic bow to get her singing, skating and spinning in all different directions. She even does splits as she talks and sings along to an upbeat tune. There’s no assembly required, but adults might want to change her four AA batteries real quick because of her “try me” feature in the box. After that, everyone can check out her tricks.

The music Minnie skates to will tap into children’s creative side, it got me boogieing around a bit. She is definitely more agile than I ever was on skates. To keep her dancing and skating, kids can just continue to tap anywhere on her bow. She will go into sleep mode after 20 seconds of inactivity, so that will help save the batteries. She can also be switched off so someone doesn’t accidentally bump her bow.

Minnie’s bow lights up when the music plays, making the initiation of a dance party almost inevitable. She has five different sequences to dance through, and she will ask kids to spin and twirl around with her to encourage them to get up and get moving.

Although her classic polka dot dress and big bow will make adults and kids alike excited to see her, she isn’t the cuddliest of plush toys. But this roller-skating Minnie wants kids to dance, sing and move right alongside her so no cuddling is really required.

Be sure to give Minnie some space to skate around without running over any toes as she drops into her impressive splits. Kids won’t want to slow Minnie down on carpet or a rug either, as she moves best on harder surfaces.

Kids will surely have a great time dancing along with Minnie. She may even encourage little ones to strap on a pair of skates—and a helmet—of their own to whirl around the driveway next summer.



Manufacturer: Just Play
MSRP: $39.99

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