Miles from Tomorrowland needs some help loading cargo onto his ship. There’s just one problem: he’s running out of room! Upset the balance of the Stellosphere, and all will be lost. So, who’s ready for this interstellar adventure?

Based on the hit Disney Junior TV series Miles from Tomorrowland, Rockin’ Rocket from Wonder Forge will have kids defying gravity and battling for balance as they attempt to place, stack, and transfer cargo aboard Miles’ Stellosphere. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this balancing board game requires a steady hand that will help strengthen kids’ fine motor skills.

Included in the set are sixteen plastic cargo pieces of various shapes, sizes, and weights, one Stellosphere game board, one fuselage, one base board, one post, one spinner, and an instruction set. First time assembly takes no more than a minute, and the directions are clearly illustrated and detailed. In short, getting started is faster than the speed of light (minor exaggeration)!

The game can be played with two to four players. To begin, one player balances the Stellosphere space ship atop the post. Next, each player takes all the plastic cargo pieces of a particular color. There are red, blue, yellow, and green pieces available. If only two people are playing, each player takes all of the cargo of two colors. A quick flick of the spinner then sends this game into orbit! If a player spins a location symbol, he or she is free to place any one of their pieces in that location of the Stellosphere. Should they spin a type of cargo, they are free to place that specific piece anywhere on top of the ship. If any cargo pieces fall off, they go to the player who caused them to topple. Whoever successfully places all of their cargo pieces on the Stellosphere first wins!

Rockin’ Rocket is fun for all ages, offering up challenging game play to both kids and adults. A new twist on classics such as Jenga and Operation, it easily serves up the same suspense and anticipation that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. In the words of Miles, this game is blastastic!