Kids’ imaginations will run wild with this ultimate magical creature, rightfully named Sprinkles.

Tek Nek Toys’ Rockin’ Rider Sprinkles Stable Unicorn blows similar ride-ons out of the water with endless sprinkles of fun. Personally, I’d definitely bet on Sprinkles if she raced in the Kentucky Derby. Everyone knows unicorns leave plain, old horses in the dust.

While Sprinkles is full of magic and big enough to ride, she doesn’t actually trot across the room—that’s where imagination comes into play.

The purple plush equine is soft enough for the biggest hugs, and sturdy enough to carry kids through hours of play. Her durable metal frame can safely hold children from ages 3 to 10 and up to 65 pounds, but she also managed to hold a 125-pound, 5 foot 6 inch-tall editorial assistant having way too much fun.

Sprinkles makes you want to ride off into the sparkly sunset with her vibrant rainbow mane and tail flowing in the wind. Those alone will get kids sitting for hours to braid and comb—a perk for both kids and busy parents. However, you should expect some shedding and knots, as doll hair is not the easiest to maintain after adventures in the Enchanted Forest. Think Barbie after several weeks of drama in her dream house.

Kids will enjoy Sprinkles’ interactivity with buttons on her snout, ears, and hind legs that kids can easily reach while perched atop her soft pink and blue saddle. Sprinkles comes to life by singing her sweet “I’m a Magical Unicorn” song, saying three fun phrases, and making magical sounds when you press her ears. She makes a silly snort when you pat her snout and plays trotting and galloping sounds when you tap her hind legs. The essential neigh could not be left out, of course; kids pull on Sprinkles’ reigns to hear her belt out the sound. Two pre-installedAA batteries are big bonuses for kids more than ready to saddle up, while the removable saddle allows for easy cleanups with its Velcro closure.

Sprinkles’ long list of interactive features helps kids develop their motor skills, including hand-eye coordination, balance, dexterity, and physical awareness. The lovable unicorn also boosts kids’ emotional intelligence through care of and play with their new best friend.

While Sprinkles has limited tech features at its MSRP of $89.99, the oversized rideable unicorn outshines similar toys thanks to its detailed beauty and thoughtful sound effects. She’s also a great alternative to the pricier mobile ride-ons on the market.

Your kids will love riding into the Enchanted Forest with Rockin’ Rider Sprinkles Stable Unicorn.