I loved the rocking horse I had as a kid—it lasted through myself and my two brothers, it survived lots of moves, and it created memories of historical battles, rescuing princesses from castles, and imaginary horse races! While that wooden horse was a part of my childhood, the Rockin’ Rider line of rocking horses by Tek Nek Toys takes the classic wooden rocking horse to the next level.

TekNek.RockinRiderPatriotRockingHorseFrom the stirrups to the saddle, to the songs and the sayings, the Rockin’ Rider Patriot Pony not only rocks front and back, but has realistic features and interactivity. The mouth moves and the tail swishes, making older infants and toddlers feel like they are riding a real horse. There are sounds and songs that make this rocking horse more than just, well, a rocking horse!

The Rockin’ Rider has a plush exterior, but it’s firm and sturdy for kids to ride. It can support up to 65 pounds, so there is longevity with this rocking horse. It can grow with your child from the first time they can sit on it supported (and delighted) with helping hands, to a preschooler who uses it for imaginary adventures on his or her own.

The plush makes it fun to pet and touch, and soft to play with. It also has gorgeous details, such as the grain on the wood rockers and the beautifully embroidered eyes. This horse is certainly the perfect heirloom for a family with multiple children, as it’s an easy piece to pass down. Gift-givers can even choose from 12 styles of Rockin’ Rider ponies, including options that would perfectly accent a baby’s nursery.

Check out the below video showing the Rockin’ Rider Rocking Horse (Patriot Pony) in action with my own 2-year-old daughter.