Meet Candy, the magical pink and purple pony, part of Tek Nek Toys Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony collection.

Create a carousel-esque experience in your home with Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony by Tek Nek Toys.

This rocker pony will allow kids to gently sway back and forth while listening to the exclusive (and extremely catchy!) Tek Nek tune “I’m A Little Pony.” But before this pony drops a beat, you gotta get her attention by petting her ear. Squeeze her right ear to hear her talk, and squeeze her left ear to get her to sing. Rockin’ Pony is synchronized to move her mouth along with the words. Yup, she’s a talented pony.

Made of plush, she’s extremely soft and comfortable to rock on, unlike actual rocking chairs and/or carousel horses. Kids will love running their fingers through her realistic mane and tail. Equipped with easy grip handles and non-slip foot steps, kids are guaranteed a safe, pleasant, and most importantly, ROCKIN’ ride. Don’t worry, Rockin’ Rider is not even apart of the mechanical bull family. She’s a tame girl.

While it’s obvious that she’s a Rockin’ Pony, she’s also a Rollin’ Pony—AYYY. A more mobile pony is just waiting to play. Just snap her wheeled bottom out of the base of her rocker, and voila, Rockin’ Pony is now Rollin’ Pony. Wheel her across the floor!

And if you really find yourself addicted to the “I’m A Little Pony” tune and want to make Rockin’ Pony your new stereo system (just kidding, she can’t belt that high,unfortunately), there’s always an adjustable volume button parents can can use to set the perfect volume.

Who’s ready to rock, roll, ride, and sing?