Monster trucks and soccer: and unlikely sports combination, but a whole lot of fun. The award-winning video game Rocket League’s universe is expanding with new pocket-sized collectibles that bring the game to life—minus all the explosions.

Zag Toys’ Rocket League Mini Pull-Back Racers bring the rocket-powered vehicles from Psyonix’s Rocket League to the real world. The video game, designed for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, features teams of rocket-powered vehicles pitted against each other in high-flying matches that combine soccer and a demolition derby.

Two teams of one to four players face off in an arena that resembles a soccer field with one goal on each side. Players control their rocket-powered car to hit a jumbo-sized ball around the field and into the other team’s goal, with some—literally—explosive twists thrown into the mix. The cars can jump and drive up walls for aerial trick shots, and the Rocket Ball explodes with each goal scored.

Players can also blow up their opponents’ cars by smashing into them with boost power-ups. With an endless supply of tricks to discover during gameplay, Rocket League keeps even experienced players on their toes.

Each of Zag Toys’ 12 mini racers comes bind-packed in a replica of the Rocket Ball from the video game, making every one a surprise. Along with the eight standard cars, the line also features three rare cars and one super rare car for kids to collect. Rare and super rare cars come with codes kids can use to unlock wheels and rocket boosts in the game.

The racers are simple to operate. Just as the name implies, all it takes to make them zoom across any surface is to pull them back and let them go. Fans of the video game can recreate the intense game sequences and send their cars smashing into the replica Rocket Balls for target practice.

The simple design of the mini racers makes them easily adaptable to different forms of play. Kids can pull them back to launch them over makeshift ramps, or collect multiple cars to race against their friends.

The miniature cars come in bright racing colors and most of them are decked out with racing stripes and flames. Collect and trade all the cars—from the bright blue Hotshot to the flame-covered Backfire—to form the perfect Rocket League team.

While the cars are marketed toward kids ages 3 and up, older kids could have just as much fun sending these cars zipping around the house. Whether you’re a fan of the Rocket League video game or just a fan of race cars in general, the collectible mini race cars are a fast hit with kids.