Goal: $200,000
Funding Period: until July 11
Creator: Robotic Drive
Stretch Goal: $350,000

Roby d’Bear is much more functional than the average teddy bear.


Roby, a tiny robot, enjoys talking, singing, and dancing, and it can do all of these things through various functions in its special companion app.  The Play function lets Roby wait for its user to start talking and will mimic their voice with all sorts of different pitches. Manual mode lets users control Roby’s body and pose him in several ways.

In the Music/Dance mode, Roby will listen out for any music being played near it and like the Play function, will mimic the song and start dancing on its own to the beat. Roby comes with even more functions, such as the hands-free call capabilities where users can have a person on the other line look like they’re speaking through Roby and an alarm function with which Roby can wake users up along with their phone alarm.

Roby also comes with a special audio speaker for Roby to stand on. The speaker can also charge smartphones.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $750. Prizes include personalized messages from Roby, their own Roby robots, and even Roby kits for kids to construct their own Roby and speakers. If the campaign reaches its stretch goal, backers will have the option to choose additional colors for both Roby and the speaker.

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