Nissan_Wheelie Power_white

R/C cars provide kids with lots of high-energy playtime, but remotes with lots of buttons and steering options can be challenging for young kids to maneuver. Toy State’s brand new Road Rippers Wheelie Power Nissan 370Z motorized vehicle provides kids with all of the excitement of tricked-out cars without any of the remote-control fuss.

This Nissan-branded car features an ultra hip paint job, complete with lime green shred-style detailing and bright and shiny metallic green rims. The car also has real working headlights and a car horn, which kids can activate with the simple push of the round, orange button on the roof of the car.

There’s also a music effect button on the roof, which plays about 10 seconds of a funky little tune reminiscent of the Footloose theme song. But, the real cool factor of this supped up vehicle lies in the triangle button. Clear a nice runway on the living room floor, because once kids press this button, the car will take off in a straight line and pop a wheelie as it rides. That’s right—like magic, the car lifts up and glides along on its two rear wheels, allowing kids to perform an awesome trick without any difficult controls.

Perfect for little ones who want to get in on some loud and fast car craziness, the car will zoom, screech, and vroom all through playtime—unless parents are in the mood for some quiet, which is where the little FX silencing switch on the bottom of the car comes in handy. With the Nissan 370Z, kids can perform easy, yet thrilling, push-button stunts while letting their imaginations go wild in the fast lane.