ToyState.RoadRippersDancingCarThe Road Rippers Dancing Car, from Toy State, has everything that the really young set would want for vehicle play. Available in both Mini Couper S and Volkswagen Beetle, each car boasts a sleek design to go with headlights, side rear-view mirrors, tires with treads, and more seemingly modeled after the real thing. The tires even have cushion, so they bounce a little on the ground as the toy is being pushed—another way in which it mimics a real car.

But what really makes the Road Rippers Dancing Car stand out is its very namesake: With the push of a button, it flashes colorful lights from behind its windows, makes mechanical whirring noises, and hops around on its tires. It’s a cool show that lasts about 12 to 15 seconds and doesn’t seem to follow an exact pattern, making it a little different each time. There are also less elaborate features such as a car horn; a simulated car alarm, which consists of sound and headlights flashing; and a red, blue, and green light show accompanied by racing noises.

The button to activate the dancing feature—as well as the other buttons, too—is located on top of each car, making it easy for kids to find. On the whole, Toy State has created what would seem to be the ideal toy car for its recommended demographic of aspiring drivers ages 3 and up: Not only does it have visual and tactile appeal and lots of bells and whistles, but it’s a big toy. Not heavy, per se, but it does have what might seem like a considerable amount of mass and heft for a small child. As such, if offers the same sturdy sense of power that they might associate with real automobiles.

And if nothing else, it dances, and who among us doesn’t want a dancing car?