Rise of the TMNT Babble Heads

You’ve heard of bobbleheads, sure. But have you heard of Babble Heads?!

Listen up! Because the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Babble Heads are here, and they’ve got a lot to say — well, to babble.

These Babble Heads, from Playmates Toys, are ready for kids ages 4 and up to take them anywhere! The talking, totally interactive turtles come to life, ready for kids to train them, battle them, or have a ninja bromance. The little figures feature eye, head, and mouth movements, and their arms can move up and down when it’s time for battle. Kids can place a weapon in the Babble Heads’ hands for weapon recognition and special sound effects, and the figures even emit fist-punching swooshes when their arms move. Stike sensors in the Babble Heads’ head, chest, and hands mean kids can engage in some interactive ninja training. No spoilers, but just strike another Babble Head and … wait for it.

Rise of the TMNT Babble Heads

In addition to their battle capabilities, the Rise of the TMNT Babble Heads offer up the tell-tale humor that fans have come to expect — and love — from the pizza-loving ninjas. The figures tell jokes, say signature one-liners, execute the Cowabunga high five with their hand sensors, fart, laugh, and belch, too! (Patiently waiting for farting to go out of style over here. …)

Thanks to their size and a clip-on attachment, the Rise of the TMNT Babble Heads are great for entertaining kids on the go, and for travel. Kids can choose from Loud Mouth Leo or Motor Mouth Mikey as they hone their social and emotional intelligence skills. The Babble Heads help kids explore their creativity, role play, and engage in some wholesome imaginative play as their figures babble along.