Video arcade, basketball hoops, and a weight room. Can I live here?

New from Playmates Toys, the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 43-Inch Epic Sewer Lair Playset is the place TMNT fans need to be the best crime fighters they can be. The 43-inch tall set is loaded with 20 features, so little ones ages 4 and up can let their imaginations run wild in an underground training facility that’s nearly as tall as them.

Living in the sewers beneath the streets, the four mutant ninja turtles are ready to finish their training alongside their sensei rat master, Splinter. Luckily for kids, these teenage turtles have the best underground dojo money can buy. The play set is made up of three underground levels and seven different rooms for kids to explore, including Splinter’s dojo, Ralph’s weight training room, Leo’s rotating weapon storage rack, Mikey’s arcade, and Donnie’s backpack storage.This epic TMNT set doesn’t just get to call itself epic without actually being epic. Kids will love the interactive elements, starting with the secret rotating sewer cap at street level that kids can use to access their secret hideaway.

Down below, in Ralph’s weight training room, kids can utilize his workout bench to launch figures into action. Gains bro! When there’s been a breach, little ones can use the catapulting basketball hoop to launch hidden projectiles, or send their figures sliding down the escape slide in Mikey’s arcade,. Talk about fight or flight. The set also includes a handful of trap doors on all three levels, a holding cell so kids can put away and keep an eye on the bad guys, and a collapsing balcony to trick unsuspecting villains. And let’s not forget the graffiti stickers, which truly complete the TMNT look.

While there are no figures included in the set, kids can still enjoy its features with other characters, or TMNT figures they may already own. Cowabunga dude!