ripstikIf a skateboard/snowboard hybrid wasn’t already enough of a twist on a more traditional ride-on, this definitely is.

With Razor’s remote-controlled Ripstik Electric, tweens and teens ages 9 and up can enjoy a ride that literally puts the power in the palms of their hands. And with no assembly required, it’s ready to ride straight out of the box.

The Ripstik Electric is a unique ride-on. Its body resembles a traditional skateboard, but instead of four wheels it opts for just two. Its slip-resistant concave platform gives riders more than enough room to stand, and a pivoting center allows them to carve like they’re cruising atop some fresh, white powder.

Unlike Razor’s Ripstik Classic, the Ripstik Electric features a new 100-watt hub-driven motor hidden beneath its polymer construction that propels kids at speeds up to 10 miles per hour for up to 40 minutes. To start, kids place a foot on the front end of the caster board. Next, they can push off the ground with their other foot and hop onto the board. From there, the motor does the rest.remoteUsing a wireless remote, riders can increase and decrease their speed as they fit without ever having to place a foot back on the ground. The remote is small, and features two main controls: an on/off switch and a go/stop toggle. There are no unnecessary bells or whistles, which is great because riders can’t be bothered with a handful of controls while cruising the streets. The toggle can be easily adjusted, making it simple for kids to stop at a moments notice and bring the board to a stand still.

There are even convenient features like a built-in carrying handle and a place for owners to clip their remote to the board itself.

With a pivoting deck and 360-degree caster trucks, tweens can enjoy twisting and turning their Ripstik Electric in all different directions. But like most ride-ons, practice makes perfect. I suspect it will take a little time for riders to get used to balancing and operating the remote flawlessly at the same time. And as always, helmets are strongly encouraged.

Razor’s Ripstik Electric is a sweet ride that lets kids enjoy an electric kick without ever having to physically push.

Check out the video below to see how it rides.