Shapes fascinate children. The sheer magic of one shape transforming into another like robots in Transformers or wizards in Harry Potter sends kids’ imaginations into overdrive. RiddleCube, a game from Educational Insights, allows kids ages 8 and up to make as many as 200 shapes with a single, shape-shifting cube.

RiddleCube can be played solo or competitively with two to four players. Each game comes with four cube shape-shifters, 100 double-sided challenge cards, a 60-second sand timer, and a booklet with instructions. Shapes and words are inscribed on both sides of the challenge card. Word challenges include words like broom, teacup, or diamond  (translated into three other languages apart from English) that each player attempts to make using the cubes in his or her own fashion.

81YoXh6sygL._SL1500_So, let’s get started with some mind-bending, shape-shifting fun! All players must place their riddle cubes on the table with their hands tucked away and the challenge cards stacked in the center. The youngest player will draw the first card and place it so that everyone can see the drawing or read it out aloud if it’s a word challenge.

All players have exactly 60 seconds to twist and turn their riddle cubes to copy the shape on the card. The first to complete the shape scores a point and collects the card, and the first to complete five challenges is the winner.

There are 200 shape-shifting challenges for kids to wrestle with. There will be easy ones like squares, rectangles, and triangles, but hexagons with a cross in between, a square and a trapezium yoked together, an open boat or a closed one will pop up frequently, urging kids to get creative. The trick is to visually conceive the shape drawn on the card, break down its geometrical parts, and use the cube as if it were elastic, twisting it into a straight line or a square to get the results you desire. What ensues in the process is a mind-bending adventure!

However, the beauty of RiddleCube is that the playing field becomes an extension of the child’s brain, helping them develop spatial reasoning skills, a problem-solving attitude, and sportsmanship as they compete to convert one shape into another in record time. Over time, kids will be able to intuitively move from one shape to another, taking fewer minutes to process new information.

With word challenges like a bow tie, a straight razor, or a scuba mask, RiddleCube pushes kids to a new level, allowing them to associate words with shapes, and also helping them expand their vocabulary. And this game isn’t just for kids. Adults can jump in too, making sure that riddle time becomes quality family time!