Rescue Runts, from KD Kids, are lonely strays in need of a home, a friend, and some serious TLC! One look into their big sad eyes and kids will make sure these soft, plush pups have a loving home for life.

Rescue Runts come in four different breeds: Shepherd, Husky, Spotty, and Spaniel, and include everything kids need to transform them from sad strays to happy household pets, including a brush, kid-safe tweezers, and more.

To start, kids can remove the sticker tears from the pup’s eyes to immediately help this sad little runt look a little bit brighter. Use the tweezers to gently pluck fleas from their fur, clean “dirt” off their paws with a towel and warm water, remove the bandage from its leg, and brush out the tattered fur. Kids can also to perk up their ears and pull down their tongues to watch them go from dreary to cheery. Now all the pup needs is a name and a forever home.

Kids can make the rescue complete by adopting their runt. Each Rescue Runt comes with an adoption card, a collar, and a blank nametag.

Kids will learn how to be responsible, loving pet owners when they discover that caring for their furry friend never stops. Their puppies will always manage to get a little messy when they’re having fun and playing around, which means they’ll need their fur brushed and paws cleaned all the time, offering some key repeat play value.

A perfect gift for any kid ages 3 and up, Rescue Runts are irresistibly charming and impossible not to love. Not only will kids get an adorable stuffed pet, but they’ll learn about the importance and rewarding nature of pet rescue along the way.