Rescue Runts Babies

Last year, KD Kids came out with Rescue Runts, plush pets for kids to rescue and groom, turning them from ragged runts into loving pets. This year, the Runts had babies!

Rescue Runts Babies are adorable mini, 4-inch versions of Rescue Runts that kids can rescue, groom, collect, and love. Like the regular Rescue Runts, kids can pluck out the Babies’ fleas, brush their messy fur, and tie on the ribbon collar to transform them into a happy family pet.

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, Rescue Runts Babies are a great way to teach kids about rescue pets. Even if your family isn’t ready for a pet yet, this is a great alternative because it’s all of the fun of a pet without all the responsibility.

Rescue Runts Babies

The plush pets are packaged in tiny plastic crates, which kids can take apart and reassemble for more ways to play. Kids can rearrange the crate into a bed, a cubby, a carrier, or a house for their pet by connecting the interlocking walls with an easy click. Each package also includes a set of stickers, which kids can use to decorate the crate to personalize it and make it into a real home for the pet with windows, birds, flowers, paw prints, a name tag, and more.

There are more than 20 pets to collect, including different breeds of dogs and cats, a bunny, a hedgehog, a panda, a monkey, a bear, and a unicorn. This makes them super collectible and at only $9.99 each (available at Walmart, in store only), they won’t break the bank. Even with the crate, the mini pets are small and compact enough to take on long road trips or place in Easter baskets.

Give these lonely strays some love and care to turn them into a friend for life!