We all have those days. It’s Monday and it’s raining. The dog ate your homework. Getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do. Even on days that just feel the worst, it’s the little things hat can turn your mood around.

Renegade Made Kits, from Part-Time Renegade, encourage kids to brighten the days of others in fun, creative ways. From making paper flowers to sidewalk chalk tagging, Renegade Made instills the idea that spreading kindness is not only fun, but it also doesn’t require recognition.

Each kit comes with everything children need to carry out their random acts of kindness. The Random Acts of Flowers Kit includes bright tissue paper and stem-like wire to make the flowers themselves, as well as adorable tags that read “I made this for you” and “do something nice for someone today,” to encourage people to pass the kindness along. Easy instructions are included in the box, showing kids how to arrange the papers, fold them, cinch them with the wire, and fan them into a vibrant flower. There are also options to cut the flowers into different shapes, so each paper flower will be as unique as an actual garden. Kids can easily assemble the paper vases by folding and threading ribbon into the pre-existing holes. This kit makes for a creative craft as well as a good deed in the making. Kids are encouraged to hang back and watch people take the flowers, hopefully seeing how they inspire some infectious smiles.


The Tattoo Lounge for Charity is probably the quirkiest of the Renegade Made kits, turning the classic lemonade stand idea on its head for a good cause. This kit lets kids set up a pop-up tattoo parlor, complete with temporary tattoos, a tablecloth, and a sign advertising “Fairly Painless Tattoos for Charity.” There are 125 tattoos that range from cute cupcakes to creepy zombies and everything in between. Whether kids choose to offer someone the octopus or the “bee happy” bumblebee, the tattoos are meant to brighten someone’s day (and also his or her arm). Tattoo application is made easy by an application sponge that’s included in the kit. Young renegades are encouraged to choose a charity to raise money for, which really gets kids thinking about who they want to help.

Other kits include Made You Look, which comes with funny flyers, motivational postcards, and silly lists to leave for people to find; and Sidewalk Chalk Tagging, which includes everything renegades need to brighten up a boring sidewalk with some beautiful, encouraging art. Each kit also comes with a renegade mask, so kids can be a good deed bandit without getting caught red-handed.

A portion of the profits from all Renegade Made products goes to Camp Kesem, a charity that supports the children of parents with cancer. Each kit includes a Renegade Pledge, which asks kids to “wreak happiness on unsuspecting strangers” and “execute these acts of goodwill without seeking any personal recognition,” reminding them (and us) that a small act of kindness can go a long way. The pledge is the first thing you see when you open the box, making it clear that, while the activity inside will be silly and fun, it’s really the good deed that matters. It seems like we could all be better renegades in our everyday lives, and these kits certainly help get the job done.