buffalo games red light green light game

Racers, start your engines!

In Red Light Green Light, from Buffalo Games, four players ages 4 and up will put the pedal to the metal to be the first one to reach the finish line. But, this game is all about luck to get there.

The gorgeous gameboard is more than 3 feet long when it’s assembled, and the track easily fits together just like one of Buffalo Games’ high-quality puzzles. There are four brightly colored wooden car pieces that players can decorate with cute and whimsical stickers, including wheels, decals, and a character. There are also wooden traffic cone pieces, placed in each players’ lane, as obstacles to race to the finish.

The deck of cards includes Green Light, which allows players to move one space; Double Green, for players to move two spaces; and Red Light, which ends your turn. There are a lot of cards here — with only three variations — so please shuffle your deck thoughtfully. I did a sloppy job, and it showed when I played for the first time and drew five Double Green cards in a row. Don’t be like me.

buffalo games red light green light game

To begin the game, players will draw a card. If it’s either of the green lights, congratulations! You can move forward one or two spaces, depending on which one you drew. However, players can draw another card for a chance to go farther, if they wish. You can keep going as long as you draw a green light card. But, the moment you draw a red light card: Screeeeech, your turn ends immediately and you cannot move your piece forward!

Players will take turns pressing their luck until everyone crosses the finish line and parks in one of the spots numbered 1-4 on the board. Playing this game is a lot like what I imagine being a contestant on a Deal or No Deal or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? type of game show feels like. Do I risk everything I just gained for the change to move farther? Am I just being greedy? Will the payout be worth it for something literally out of my hands? Chris Harrison, what should I do?

This game has even more play value with an additional way to play. The second version, De-Construction Ahead, adds Construction cards into the draw pile. If you draw this card, then you’re allowed to place a traffic cone anywhere on the board as an obstacle.

Red Light Green Light is easy to learn, fast to play, and fun for the whole family. As the game warns, racing is about speed, but it’s also about being cautious. The best racers know when to floor it and when to cool it, an that’s what Red Light Green Light is all about.