Meet your new favorite partner in crime: MiBRO.

Moose Toys introduces Really Rad Robots MiBRO, a robotic buddy who’s got your back. MiBRO is down for whatever sort of shenanigans you want to get into, whether it’s playing pranks or kicking around a soccer ball.

Not only is MiBRO the ultimate BFF, he’ll also help you pull off your spy mission or pranks. Kids can put him into stealth mode and send him off as an undercover agent. Through the remote, kids can listen to what’s going on inside rooms they aren’t in. Steal your siblings’ secrets, or spy on Mom and Dad—if MiBRO had hair, it would be so big because it’s full of secrets. Kids can also speak into the remote from one room, and have their disguised voice come out of MiBRO in another. Truly, MiBRO is a ride or die buddy.

MiBRO comes with fun accessories as well, including a cute foam finger and a soccer ball. Hungry for a snack? Send MiBRO to get it for you. He can carry things on his included tray (because he gets that it’s hard to get up off the couch sometimes and MiBRO is there for you). To play soccer, kids can detach MiBRO’s tray and stand it up right to make the net. MiBRO also comes with a plastic blaster to blast away his enemies.

MiBRO is packed full of smart talking phrases and sounds. The best part about MiBRO is that it features all of these very cool interactive features, for a very affordable price point. Whether kids use MiBRO to pull pranks or spy on friends and family or just kick around a soccer ball, they’ll love their very new robotic buddy.

MiBRO will be available on Oct. 1.