The messier things are, the happier this garbage truck is.

Thanks to Jakks Pacific’s Real Workin’ Buddies Mr. Dusty, young ones ages 3 and up can have just as much fun cleaning up their mess as they did making it. This trash truck features a motorized mouth that can pick up small toys, kind of like a kid-safe vacuum cleaner without the suction. It triples as a garbage truck, street sweeper, AND dump truck. When playtime is over, kids can use the top handle to push Mr. Dusty along and watch as its motorized mouth extends, scoops, and swallows up toys like building blocks, cars, figures, and other trinkets. Young ones can also sweep the truck over the top of their mess and watch as everything magically disappears. They can even pick the toys up themselves and drop them in the top chute.

Once kids have fed their trash truck with “garbage,” they can open up the back to dump it out and start all over again. It’s a great way to make clean up fun while teaching young ones the importance of picking up after themselves.

Mr. Dusty is bound to become kids’ best friend. As they roll it around, they’ll hear more than 50 fun phrases and sounds as well as see cool working light effects. Mr. Dusty will encourage them to get back to work, and even remind them that he needs to be fed toys. Talk about being hangry. At one point, Mr. Dusty even fell asleep and started snoring.

The best part about Mr. Dusty is that it can easily pick up items on different playing surfaces. This makes clean up a breeze whether kids are in the comfort of their carpeted bedrooms or the confines of their hardwood living room. It will even work well on tile and concrete, if kids decide to take their mess outdoors.

Mr. Dusty is bound to be a hit with kids, and a sure-fire favorite among parents.