We only have one planet Earth, so it’s important to teach kids to take care of it. A simple place to start is with the toys they grow up with.

Pacific Cycle’s Real Rigs Recycling Truck by Kid Trax helps introduce little ones to the concept of recycling in the form of an adorable ride-on. This anthropomorphic truck features a friendly face in the front with a moving mouth and eyes, working lights, and it plays more than 100 sound effects, catchy songs, and phrases, such as “recycling is a blast” and “let’s clean up this town.”

Kids can sit in the driver’s seat and use the easy, push-button acceleration to drive up to 1.5 mph with Power Trax rubber traction strip tires that help keep the ride smooth and steady. The truck is designed to hold babies and toddlers ages 18 months up to 4 years old and it has a handy step on the side to help them get in safely, as well as a secure, bench-like seat to prevent them from losing their balance and falling off the side. It also comes with a rechargeable, 6-volt battery and a wall charger.

It’s pretty cool that the ride-on includes nine recycling-themed accessories, such as toy versions of soda and soup cans, cardboard boxes, a newspaper, food containers, and glass bottles. Kids can practice sorting the items by shape by placing them in the slots in the back of the truck, which drops them into a trunk area. Then, kids can pull a lever to dump everything out, like a real recycling truck.

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This ride-on is full of thoughtful details that are perfect for creating role-play scenarios. Kids can also use the accessories for more imaginative play with dolls or play kitchens that they may have at home. The multiple elements mean that it will keep kids interested for longer, upping the play value. Families can reduce, reuse, and recycle as kids play with this truck again and again, eventually passing it down to siblings or friends once the kids finally outgrow it.

Recycling has never been more fun, thanks to the Real Rigs Recycling Truck by Kid Trax!