Passing your family’s recipes on to your kids is an important milestone, but cooking can be tough for kids. The Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set, from Skyrocket Toys, is about to make things a whole lot easier.

The set ditches water-based mixes and lightbulb ovens of cooking kits past, and instead focuses on real, useful tools sized to kids’ hands. In addition to a small spatula and whisk, kids will get two mixing bowls that suction to the table, so kids don’t have to worry about the bowls moving or spilling while they mix. The set also features three measuring cups, a piping bag, and a dual tip.


Not only does the Real Cooking kit make mixing, piping, and measuring easier, but it even helps with the most impossible task of all time: cracking an egg. There’s nothing worse than egg shells finding their way into the your perfectly smooth batter, but the set features a one-touch egg cracker that kids and adults will love. Insert the egg, smash down on the top, and watch as the ooey gooey insides fall neatly into the reservoir, while all the crunchy shells remain in the chamber. I bet even Bobby Flay would be impressed.

The Ultimate Baking Starter Set includes cupcake mix, but you’ll have to add the water, eggs, butter, and oil, since these perishable items are not included in the kit. Be sure to have them on hand before the baking begins. While it may seem inconvenient to add all of these ingredients, it gives kids a more realistic baking experience and a tastier end result. Kids will also need adult supervision to put their goodies in the real oven to bake, making this baking experience a great opportunity for parent-child interactions (AKA prepare to make memories!).


Kids can also mix up their own frosting, and thanks to the dual action piping bag and tip, kids can create an awesome tuxedo cupcake swirls that look high key professional. And of course, kids can top off their creations with whimsical sprinkles.

Once the included mix runs out, adults can sub in store-bought mixes, or start from scratch. All of the tools are completely reusable, so kids can enjoy the no-slip bowls and tiny tools while they whip up endless tasty treats.

Learning to cook is a right of passage for many families, and the Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set will take the frustrating parts out, leaving more room for the fun.