Betty Crocker has been there for me in all the moments I’ve ever need her in life. Whether it’s brownies, cakes, cupcakes, or something of my own invention, that lovable gal has a mix ready for me to work with. But when it comes to making a fancy cake with all the show-stopping features, Bets doesn’t always have the necessary ingredients.

The Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set has a new solution for when kids want to get extra fancy with their desserts.  Part of the Real Cooking line, from Skyrocket, this set features standard baking mix, but also includes princess cake toppers AND fondant and sculpting tools and cutters to make beautiful dresses and accessories.

Like many baking mixes, all you need to supply are the fresh ingredients. Everything else is included, and that means both pink and green fondant! Any kid who watches as many baking shows as they can has that urge to get their hands on fondant and start kneading.

These mini—but delicious—cakes bake in about 15 minutes, plus some additional cooling time because working with a hot or warm cake is not ideal (flashbacks to a cake crumbling right before my eyes).

As a former cake decorator myself, the most frustrating part was leveling each layer as you frost. This kit has an ingenious solution to that problem. The cake cutter tool allows users to slide it across the cakes once they’re completely cooled in the mold and everything is good to go before they’re even popped out.

The instructions suggest putting frosting between each layer, but as a true cake enthusiast, I’m going to insist on it. Why wouldn’t you? Do you not enjoy the beautiful things in life? The set doesn’t include frosting, but would be quick to whip up or buy a container of your favorite flavor. Beyond taste, the frosting also helps the layers stay in place so worth the additional purchase, IMO. You can also put a quick coat on the outside before adding the fondant if you’re feeling adventurous.

Decorating is the fun part. And trust me, you don’t have to feel intimidated by this, as the set includes all the tools need to make a cake fit for royalty. Once you add water to the fondant mix, knead it and let sit for a few minutes. The included mat has markers of how big to make each layer of the skirt. Kids can add the included pearls to jazz up a pink princess dress, or use the leaf cutter to make detailed leaves on a fairy dress. There are multiple ways to let the creativity show.

All the included tools can be used again if kids want to venture into other worlds of baking. It’s the perfect kit to jumpstart aspiring young bakers into the world of professional-looking cakes.