NewBright_EdKouryby Ed Koury, New Bright

Kids these days are so concerned with what is on the Internet or what new video games are coming out, that classic hands-on games and toys have started to fade away. However, there are some classic toys that still hold kids’ interests. One such classic play pattern is the radio-controlled (R/C) toy car.

This everlasting category hasn’t lost its relevance over the years, and as technology advances, the R/C business continues to make improvements and upgrades. New Bright R/C cars are all about speed, power, and performance, and that’s what kids are looking for these days. Sure, video games can be fun, but sometimes kids need to get away and do something more hands-on.


This classic play pattern is still important for kids, and starring at a computer screen or TV for hours isn’t always healthy. Kids themselves can realize this and enjoy the opportunity to pick up an R/C product and race their car around the house or outside. New Bright R/C makes toy cars that capture the real-life experience of driving a real car. The lifelike presence of sports cars and monster trucks brings an experience like no other to playtime.

As the R/C category continues to grow, nothing will put a smile on your child’s face faster than an R/C car on Easter morning. More than just chocolates and candy, giving the gift of R/C has lasting play value for kids.

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