new bright

Get ready for a high-flying, car-crushing, head-to-head battle!

Take on the car-racing completion with the 1:10 scale R/C Monster Truck Assortment, from New Bright. Available in two designs — Bone Shaker and Bigfoot — the oversized vehicles are ready for kids ages 8 and up to race — just like a real-life monster truck race.

Drive the full-function, remote-controlled vehicle around its track on its monster wheels. While racing, different sound effects, working headlights, and a shaking engine add to the vehicle’s authenticity.

Each package includes an R/C vehicle, a battery charger for the rechargeable 9.6-volt battery pack, a transmitter, and two batteries for the controller. Before a battle begins, parents must help their kids charge the battery. The battery will easily slide into place; the charging status light will illuminate red while it is charging and green when it is fully charged. It can take about an hour to charge fully.

new bright

Once the vehicle is charged, it’s off to the races! The cars can travel up to 2.4 gigahertz in motion. Underneath the car, there are buttons for kids to turn on and adjust the wheel alignment and steering trim. The transmitter will automatically sync with the vehicle, so kids can turn on the car and hit start on the controller, as the two will immediately recognize each other to begin the trek. The 2.4 gigahertz speed allows six vehicles to race at the same time.

The controls are easy to use, with one joystick controlling forward and reverse driving, and the other responding to left and right wheel steering. In addition to moving forward or backward on the course, the engine button allows the truck to make a replica engine sound and movement. While in motion, the engine will shake and will only stop when paused.

Both versions of the monster truck will delight any Hot Wheels enthusiast. Bigfoot gets patriotic with its red, white, and blue colors. It also features flames across the center, and its plastic rumbling motor is set inside the opening in the back of the truck.

Bone Shaker features a red and black design with a flaming Hot Wheels logo in the center and features a large, silver skull of the front engine.

The large R/C trucks are easy to control and ready to dominate their opponents.