Top Toy ReviewsBigger isn’t always better. WowWee is taking its amazing robots and shrinking them down to a new size this year with its new line of RC Robos, and the pint-sized Robosapien is leading the pack.

Despite its petite stature, the mini Robosapien still packs robo punch. Kids can control the robot and make it glide forward, backward, and spin around on its wheels. Plus, this bot has light-up eyes that glow a fiery red, and a highly detailed black and white armor with a clean finish. The robot even has articulate wrists, allowing kids to twist and turn its hands: I hope you get as much joy out of trying to get the bot to do Egyptian dance poses while he’s gliding around as I did.

For me, the remote control is the coolest feature of the toy. There are many robots out there that take tons of effort to put together and maneuver, but two simple buttons on the remote—one for moving forward and the other for changing direction make this toy simple, smart, and precise.

While the larger RC Mini Robo’s predecessor, the full sized Robosapien, does offer lots of additional flashy features, the smaller RC version is a great entry-level robot that will allow kids to have big fun at a tiny price point.

Toy Reviews The RC Mini Robos line also includes MiP, a mini droid on wheels, and the MiPosaur, a robotic dinosaur with blue light-up eyes.