Kids can build up buildings and knock down walls with this functioning toy crane from Playmobil. As part of its City Action Construction series, the Crane is a construction toy that kids can use as they imagine their own job site. Maybe they are building a shopping mall? Maybe they are building a new housing development? It’s completely up to their imaginations!

Whatever their dream build is, kids can use the crane to hoist building materials up and down, as well as rotate the crane up to 360 degrees to make sure their building project doesn’t miss a beat. The R/C function is an added fun feature that puts kids in full control of the construction planning and building stages. Parents should note that the crane does not operate quietly — but that adds to the realistic construction site features! The Crane is also very tall, so kids will love how it towers over playsets like it would in real life.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the set includes two figures, an R/C compatible crane, an R/C remote, building materials, safety helmets, and more tools. Parents should note that the R/C Crane is the primary object in the set; there is only one included level of building. Other building sections and construction vehicles can be purchased separately. However, kids will love trying out their crane on various play pieces in their playroom — which adds to its play value on its own!

Whether used on its own or as a part of other Playmobil sets, kids will enjoy seeing what their imaginations can build.