Sunny Days Ravel Tales

A new and innovative children’s DIY collectible is here. Ravel Tales Series One from Sunny Days Entertainment is rolling into stores now and lets you unwind to uncover twelve fun surprises!

In fact, the more kids unwind, the more you find! Kids will discover DIY activities, sticker sheets, charms, and accessories throughout the unraveling reveal. At the end of the ball of yarn, kids will reveal a surprise Ravel Tales character. There are 12 collectible plush pals to unravel and reveal — plus the extra excitement of possibly finding the rare Raveller!

When kids get to the end of the (long!) unraveling process, they will discover a blanket with the plush pal inside. The blanket can be stuffed and stitched with the included colorful string to make a cute little bed for kids’ new pet.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the best part of Ravel Tales is that the yarn kids unravel can be repurposed into headbands, braided bracelets, and more. Kids can use the included charms to add a little dazzle to their bracelets or necklaces, too.

Ravel Tales make a perfect birthday party gift. The price is right, and it brings a lot of play value with the plush, the plethora of accessories, and the replay all included. These are also perfect for birthday party activities. Birthday party guests can have fun unraveling and revealing, creating, and cuddling. Then the plush is the parting party gift (WAY better than a traditional goody bag, IMO).

If your kids are only in it for the collectible plush and otherwise not so crafty, rather than toss the other items in the kit, consider sharing the yarn and string with your kid’s school’s art department for reuse. Or you can use the yarn and charms for gift wrapping future presents.

Ravel Tales is a fun, new addition to the mystery reveal trend!