Sunny Days Entertainment debuted Ravel Tales last month and they sold out on Amazon within the very first week. The highly anticipated line of DIY collectibles is now back in stock.

Ravel Tales is a new take on the unboxing trend. Kids ages 5 and up can unwind the yarn ball to uncover 12 surprises, including DIY accessories, a sticker sheet, button charms and a plush Ravel Tales character. Each layer of yarn has a purpose, and kids can use it for different activities, such as creating friendship bracelets or turning it into a Ravel Tales pet bed. Kids can share their crafty creations with the hashtag #TheUnravellers on social media.

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In addition to the Amazon restock, Ravel Tales is also available at Walmart, Target, and Meijers, with an affordable price point from $9.99-12.99. Get it while you can!

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