Lexy the Rap Dad | Source: Friendly Fables/the Toy Insider

After leaving his corporate job when his infant son needed surgery, Alexis Alexander took on the identity of “Rap Dad.”

Lexy the Rap Dad uses his signature blend of storytime and rhyming raps to strike a chord with kids ages 8 and under. His Friendly Fables book series features more than a dozen stories with funny and straightforward storylines, all based on his family’s adventures to encourage quality time.

‘The Dino Rap Book’ | Source: Friendly Fables/the Toy Insider

There is also a companion album to the books, featuring a collection of 14 “Rap-A-Long” stories. If you want a taste of the funky fun that Lexy brings to the mic, check out “The Dino Rap” song and video on YouTube. The Friendly Fables Youtube channel has garnered 500,00 views and counting. The Rap Dad is a name that is only getting bigger with time.

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Lexy had plans to kick off a tour before the pandemic lockdown happened, but has found a new way to connect with his fans through his Facebook and YouTube channels, where he regularly goes live and posts content.

Rap Dad’s message is simple: “Reading books will never go out of style.”