The Rainbow Loom Mega Combo Set has everything kids need to make bracelets. | Source: Choon’s Design/the Toy Insider

Why buy jewelry when you can make your own?

The original Rainbow Loom bracelet-making kit became a signature accessory in any kid or tween’s outfit over a decade ago. Now, there’s a brand-new version that makes DIY jewelry even cooler: the Rainbow Loom Mega Combo Set Featuring Loomi-Pals from Choon’s Design.

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, this set comes with more rubber band colors; more tools to make bracelets; included beads for customization; and most excitingly, character charms called Loomi-Pals. Kids can use the included clips to attach the adorable rubber Loomi-Pals charms to bracelets. The characters fit into themed groups including zoo, dino, food, party, and fairy styles. The Rainbow Loom Mega Combo Sets come with 60 Loomi-Pals and there are 164 total charms overall, making each kit full of surprises!

There are 164 Loomi-Pals to collect. | Source: Choon’s Design

All the tools come inside a briefcase-style box with collector’s guides that kids can use to keep track of which Loomi-Pals they have in their set as they open the charms and add them to bracelets. There are also helpful visual instructions that show kids how to do different jewelry-making techniques, such as single chain bracelets, fishtail bracelets, and how to add beads to bracelets. The pictures make it simple to follow the steps, though some kids might need a little more help following along if it’s their first time making bracelets. For those looking for even more bracelet designs, there are instructional videos available to watch on the Rainbow Loom YouTube channel.

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The box has compartments to hold each rubber band color, beads, Loomi-Pals, and the tools — making it easy for kids to stay organized while creating or cleaning up. There are 17 colors of rubber bands, including solid shades, clear, and multicolored bands. The kit also includes compartments with pony beads and letter beads so kids can personalize bracelets with names or phrases.

These fishtail bracelets are made using the happy loom and G-clips to attach Loomi-Pals. | Source: Choon’s Design

As for the tools, the kit includes a teal loom to use with either the pink or green hook. Kids can use both hooks to add beads to the bracelets, but the green hook can also add rubber band beads using the non-hook end. There are also two happy looms that two people can use to loom bracelets, like the fishtail, with their fingers. To finish off any project, kids can use different colored G-clips to clasp the ends of the bracelet closed. To make any Rainbow Loom project extra special, the set even comes with 12 branded gift bags.

The Rainbow Loom Mega Combo Set Featuring Loomi-Pals comes with all the tools and accessories kids need to make the coolest bracelets for themselves and others. With so many colors and pieces to add to their creations, kids will be able to get a lot of use out of this kit, and it appeals to a wide range of ages from preschoolers (although they may need a helping hand) to preteens.

Make, wear, and share your creations! | Source: Choon’s Design

Kids can make their back-to-school outfits stand out with extra-colorful and customized Rainbow Loom bracelets.