Rainbows, unicorns, reversible sequins, and multiple reveals—Rainbocorns from Zuru have them all.

Rainbocorns, made for kids ages 3 and up, are a collection of colorful plush animals blended with unicorns. Each comes in an a pink plastic egg with a protruding unicorn horn and a sequined heart in the middle.

Kids don’t know exactly which of the 12 Rainbocorns they’ll discover when they open the egg. It could be a unicorn, a puppycorn, a bunnycorn, a kittycorn, a monkicorn, or a hamstercorn. Each of the 12 Rainbocorns has a unicorn horn, a mane, a tail, and butterfly wings.

The reveals don’t stop with the type of Rainbocorn, though. Kids can remove the sequined heart, which is visible even when the egg is closed, from the Rainbocorn’s stomach and use it as a clip. It is also decorated with reversible sequins, so kids can run their hands over the sequins and reveal a surprise design that matches the Rainbocorn’s personality or interests.

Lastly, there is a smaller egg in the bottom of the pink egg shell. Inside that egg, kids will find a “boo-boocorn,” a small, collectible, plastic baby Rainbocorn. There are 22 different boo-boocorns to collect, including the rare boo-boo twins (with two figures inside the egg)..

The Rainbocorn comes with a collectors guide, with spaces to check “I have it” or “I want it” next to each style of Rainbocorn

The pink egg also doubles as reusable storage for the Rainbocorn, but some kids may need an adult’s help getting the egg’s zig-zag edges aligned to correctly re-connect the halves.

But chances are, the Rainbocorn will be too busy getting hugs and cuddles to spend any time in its egg!