Slime, sounds, and sweet smells — the Rainbocorns Sweet-Shake Surprise has it all.

The packaging of the reveal toy from ZURU is reminiscent of that perfect milkshake parents might remember from way before the days of having an entire cake on top of your cup. It’s a pink chalice sprinkled with, well, sprinkles and a swirl of whipped cream.

Kids open the cup and are immediately greeted with a strong, nostalgic scent. If they’re familiar with the characters, they may be able to guess who they’ve just unwrapped before even taking it out of the package. In my case, I was instantly hit with the smell of bubblegum, which could only mean that I’ve just discovered the Bubblegum Monkeycorn named Pop. Kids can also find the milk-scented unicorn, banana-scented llamacorn, lollipop-scented puppycorn, grape-scented bunnycorn, and strawberry-scented kittycorn.

Whichever mythical creature kids discover, they can remove the plastic heart from the outer package and attach it to their new pal. This might be something parents will want to do instead, as clipping it in can be difficult for smaller hands. Once attached, kids can play with the glitter that moves around with a simple shake.

Longtime fans of Rainbocorns will notice this isn’t the only new addition to their corny pal. These Rainbocorns also talk — and talk back. One press of their right paw means the Rainbocorn will sing or laugh; two presses means it will repeat whatever kids say in a cute voice. It offers a refreshing twist on the toys without detracting from Rainbocorns’ big draw: surprises!

The Sweet-Shake Surprise continues the reveals with slime that kids can mix themselves. Directions are easy to follow and in the end, kids will have two colorful slimes they can decorate with the other surprises hidden inside, including a Boo-Boocorn. The slime can be mixed directly into a little milkshake cup that further carries the theme.

This toy shakes up what kids think of when they imagine Rainbocorns. It mixes the classic, colorful characters with new, sugary surprises. Is there anything sweeter?