ford bronco

Each year, cars get major upgrades to improve drivers’ experience, so why would the vehicles on the R/C toy shelves be any different?

The new 1:8 R/C App Driver Ford Bronco from New Bright really amps up classic R/C play. Kids have the ability to control this R/C with a smart device, which is cool in and of itself, but the app includes four very fun ways for kids to drive, so they can experience way more than just a single drive-and-go play pattern.

The Drive Mode screen features the vehicle’s real dashboard and instrument panel. It has a moving steering wheel and has sound, light, and music options as well. Within Drive Mode, kids can either use Touch Drive Mode, which allows them to control the vehicle using the touchscreen on their device. For a more immersive driving experience, they can use Tilt Drive mode, which lets them steer by tilting and turning their device. The latter gives the drive a real arcade-esque experience, which adds an extra level of fun.

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In Draw Mode, kids can get creative and draw a path on the screen with their fingers. The R/C will then follow that path (introductory coding lessons, anyone?). This added level of creativity lets kids broaden their play experience — they can create challenges, try new paths, and make up their own competitions. They can also save the paths that they like and reload them to replay again if they want to.

If you thought the coding experience was over with Draw Mode, think again! Code Mode (aptly named!) lets kids input directions, as well as light and sound controls, onto the canvas; hit play; and see the vehicle drive on the coded path and respond to the light and sound cues. An R/C vehicle that also teaches STEM skills? Sign us up!

As far as classic R/C qualities run, this one is truly an all-terrain vehicle, so the fun doesn’t have to stop no matter what obstacles kids encounter. In addition to having oversized tires that can drive over things, it has terrain-dominating suspension, meaning that this R/C can really handle the ride. Kids can also attach their phone to a more classic joystick controller to drive the car as well. Plus it has working lights, including head and tail lights, turn signals and brake lights, and even engine compartment lights.

In addition to all of these fun features, the R/C is a bold, bright yellow color and looks just like the real Ford Bronco — which adds to its overall value and also appeals to an older audience as well.

Give your R/C game an off-road upgrade with the 1:8 R/C App Driver Ford Bronco from New Bright!