Kids can use their noodles to build their Puzoodles.

Puzoodles, from Blip Toys, are collectible mash-up animal/food characters kids can build using easy snap-together pieces. Each Puzoodles puzzle piece is packaged in a surprise blind bag. When kids open the box, they will pull out a long string of yellow blind bags, each with an easy-open perforated edge (thanks, Blip!!), so they can unwrap their Puzoodles pieces just a few at a time.

Each Puzoodle features between 21 and 29 pieces and a photo detailing how to assemble the character. There are no written or step-by-step instructions, making this puzzle figure tons of fun to try to build. While there is some room for error, kids can problem solve to work out exactly how the pieces fit, and then admire their fully assembled and fully adorable Puzoodle.

The pieces are nicely sized and nicely weighted, so kids can enjoy their beautiful, sturdy creation once they are done puzzling.

Choosing a favorite of the eight cutie patootie characters will be next to impossible. With combinations such as dinosaur cupcake, turtle burger, caterpillar sushi, and taco cat, there are so many funny hybrids for kids to fall in love with. Of course, I can’t leave out Kernel Llama, the popcorn-loving llama, or Chip-Pan Zee, the chocolate chip cookie money. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that season two features a unicorn of some kind. Maybe a unicorn ice cream sundae, perhaps. A girl can dream!

Fruity Feathers, the pineapple styled owl, and Melon Bites, the watermelon shark, are also high on my list of must-have Puzoodles.

Puzoodles combine a fun and challenging activity with the fun of collectibles and blind bags. Kids will love discovering their new BFF one piece at a time, and working to build them perfectly. Kids can also deconstruct their Puzoodle to rebuild it over and over again, or challenge friends to a race.

Puzoodles are great for keeping kids busy and entertained on the go, since they are small enough to throw in a bag. They not only provide kids with a building challenge, but they also allow for imaginative story-telling once they are built. One thing is for sure: They have oodles of play value.

Puzoodles are coming soon to Target, Amazon, Walmart, and specialty toy retailers.