In true Throwback Thursday fashion (happy #tbt to my social media mavens out there!), Puppy Surprise from Just Play is back and better than ever.

You may remember the mega 1990s phenomenon that features a mommy dog with a surprise number of puppies in her litter. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “What the heck?” then you’re in for a real treat.

Just Play brought back the classic Puppy Surprise line last year, with a new BIG addition: they bark! They’ve also got fresh hairstyles and new coats. One of the newest additions to the family is one of my favorites, Caramel. This mommy pup has a rainbow body and fur which are both super soft! She also has a cute bow and a shiny collar with a cute heart-shaped tag on it. Her body is so soft and cuddly and her sculpted head has adorable details, such as glitter on her nose and a hear-shaped patch over her eye!

I know that all kids are excited to open any toy, but the anticipation of opening this box is almost unreal. The dog can have anywhere from three to five puppies in her litter, so kids will be guessing how many puppies will be in the litter the whole ride from the store to home, or from the time they unwrap her to the moment they can open the box.

…And now for the big reveal! This Caramel had five puppies (I can see the look on your face, please try to contain your jealousy). I was pleased to also find out that all of the pups were just like their mom—rainbow style! One of the best parts is that no two puppies in the litter look the same. They have different faces, some may be sleeping, and you could even get a puppy that is smaller than the others, the runt of the litter.

When playtime is over, kids can store their puppies back into Caramel’s tummy, so there will be absolutely no tears for the potential of a puppy being lost. In addition, the box doubles as a carrying case that can easily fold up for use later.

Kids can love, groom, and nurture Caramel and her little pups all day long. Plus, start getting excited for new Kitty Surprise items, coming out this fall!

In true #tbt fashion, here’s the 1991 commercial of Puppy Surprise: