Dogs are getting smaller every day, with teacup breeds leading the pack of pint-sized pups. And if size is a true indicator of adoreableness, canines that are so tiny they can fit in teacups are heartbreaking levels of charming. But, what if there were more than 100 different types of pups that were so little, they could fit in your pocket? Spoiler alert: Go thank the awesome people at Just Play, because these pups exist.

A toy line ’90s kids will surely remember, Puppy In My Pocket is back and more adorable–and furry–than ever. From sad-faced Dalmatians stuck in tiny boxes, to purple tutu-wearing Pugs, there’s a different fuzzy little pup for any and all dog-lovers.

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The detailing on each dog is impressive, with expressive eyes, wrinkly skin, and embellishments that are true to the breed they represent. The Chihuahua’s oversized ears stick straight up, while the baby bulldog features a heart-melting furrowed brow. The pups have different accessories to keep things interesting, including balls, chew toys, and even little crowns for the most royal dog there is: the King Charles Spaniel. Though the King Charles is the only pup I’ve seen rock the crown, all pups are worthy of playtime in the Puppy In My Pocket Pretty Pet Palace. This pink and purple play set features a paw-fect pool for fun in the sun, a super long slide for a tail-wagging good time, and lots of display spots for all kids’ barking besties. Plus, these pocket-sized pooches look great enough to wear, and kids can accessorize their four-legged BFFs with the Puppy Charm Barrette & Ring Set. The set includes two heart-shaped, glitzy pink barrettes and a dog house-shaped ring, and three even SMALLER puppies that kids can snap on. Check out my new Yorkie hair glam:

The Fancy Puppy Purse Set provides kids with the perfect handbag to go with their new hair swag. This translucent blue plastic purse features shiny pink accents and just the right amount of sequins (a lot, duh). Kids can use the bag to store all of their Puppy Surprise figs in a safe spot.

This reinvigoration of the classic Puppy in my Pocket brand proves that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks—especially when there’s glitter involved.