PSTVRoku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV—there are tons of little black boxes on the market that allow consumers to access apps and video streaming services and watch on their big screen TVs. But now—there’s one that lets you play your favorite video games, too.

Now available in the U.S., Sony Computer Entertainment America‘s PlayStation TV (PS TV) allows consumers to stream a selection of games from the PlayStation one, PSP, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3 libraries.

Players can control the PS TV using a wireless DualShock controller, which is great because there’s no additional remote to lose and no extra batteries that constantly need replacing. PS TV includes 1 GB of internal memory, but players can easily upgrade with a PS Vita SD card that fits right into the back of the device—perfect for more serious gamers who have lots of content to save.

The available content is not quite up-to-par with the PS4 or the PS Vita, but the price is much more affordable than either of the aforementioned consoles, weighing in at just $99.

The PS TV’s interface matches that of the PS Vita, meaning kids can play games they already own for the Vita on PS TV. Plus, if they already own the portable console, they’ll have no problem using the PS TV (and parents won’t have to figure it out, either. Whew!). While not every Vita game is playable, the PS TV library is extensive, and features many titles kids will recognize, such as The Lego Movie video game and Minecraft.

Kids also have the option to rent games from PlayStation Now or download PSX Classics directly from the PlayStation Store—so there’s no shortage of content at their fingertips. The fun doesn’t just stop at games, either. While popular media streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are not yet available, kids will delight in Crackle and Crunchyroll, which features hundreds of anime titles. But fear not: the beauty of new-age tech devices is that they are upgradeable—so we may see some new apps available for PS TV in the future.

PSTV HandFor those who already own a PS4, PS TV can actually act as a second console in your home through Remote Play. PS TV can stream games from the PS4 to another room, as long as there’s a strong Internet connection available. So if your kid’s PS4 lives in the TV cabinet in the living room, but the latest episode of Scandal is about to start, he or she can instead stream the game content to his or her bedroom via PS TV and play there. But don’t forget—you don’t actually need a PS4 or a PS Vita to make use of PS TV (you do, however, need a Dualshock 3 or 4 controller and a PS Vita SD card).

The teeny, tiny device will take up next to no room on your TV stand, bookshelf, dresser, or table, and the setup is easy so kids can transport it from room to room. Great for families looking to break into the world of PlayStation at an affordable price point, or kids who are looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite PlayStation content, the PS TV provides the perfect, tiny little outlet for streaming fun.