It’s game on!

Kids can test their aim with the Projex projecting game arcade from NSI International. NSI mixes the laser tag fun of its Laser X line with all the excitement of an arcade game blaster. Using projection technology, kids can bring these games home and play all the time. With Projex, a simulated laser projects a target onto a wall and it’s up to kids to shoot their best shot and hit each target in order to win.

To set up, it works best to set the gaming unit on a low table facing a big, empty wall. Kids can press the power button to turn on see the projections, adjust its focus, and then, let the games begin! All kids need to do to shoot is press the trigger on their blaster when the laser is aligned with the center of a target. When playing, you really need an expansive, full wall without crown molding, artwork, or furniture in the way. Otherwise, the unit cannot detect a clear hit and players’ scores will suffer.

In order to score points, it is helpful to aim blasters at the direct center of the target. However, the targets don’t stay in place for long — it’s set on a predetermined timer to bounce around the game space on the wall. For players, the name of the game is speed and accuracy. Helpful hint: It’s easier for players to hold their aim stead rather than moving all over the place as the target moves and instead wait for the target to hit their aligned sweet spot. Then, as each player advances further, they can slide their aim over to the right or left in the same spot. That way, there’s no reason to miss the center position and another point.

To start the game, kids ages 6 and up need to pull back on the white part of top of the blaster to prepare the targets. After three introductory beeping noises, the first target will appear and then it is time to get blasting! As players hit the center of the target, the main unit will keep track of the score on its display panel. With each pullback motion on the blaster, players get six hits to try to earn more points. If kids run out of hits before succeeding to gain more points, they can pull back on the blaster piece for more time.

A couple of tips: It’s crucial to pick the best surface with a flat and light-colored background, otherwise, it is difficult for the unit to recognize hits when something is in the way. Not only that, but players also need a completely dark room to play, so they can clearly see every target and their tiny laser pointer along the wall.

Projex comes with different modes so kids can play solo rounds, head-to-head battles, or even team up in co-op play. Depending on how many kids are playing each game, only plug in the correct number of blasters needed for that round.

The unit also includes built-in games with different images to attempt to hit, including targets, ducks, and UFOs. Players can swap slides by changing the colored projection disc in the main unit slot. Slides come in different colors to correspond to different levels (i.e. blue is the easiest level of regular targets).

The game arcade includes five built-in games designed to test kids’ speed and accuracy across three varying skill levels. The main unit is portable and battery-powered, so families can play indoors and outdoors on different surfaces. The set comes with a compact main unit and two blasters that’ll make intense sound effects during the rounds.