Project Mc2 Teaches Kids to <3 Chemistry


STEM: It’s not just about robots.

A lot of toys we see on the market that are STEM-focused revolve around the “T” (technology) or the “E” (engineering) part of that acronym. So when a good science kit comes our way—especially one that is designed to empower girls to love science—we’re all in.

Alex Brands‘ Project Mc2 line of toys is based on the Netflix TV series of the same name, produced by AwesomenessTV and MGA Entertainment. The series, which launched in August 2015, revolves around STEM learning and follows the adventures of McKeyla McAlister and her best friends. These girls work for a highly secretive group of female government ops who are trying to protect the world, called NOV8. Get it? Like “innovate”?

The Project Mc2We Heart Chemistry Kit calls for new NOV8 recruits to conduct 10 super cool fizzy, foamy, color-changing chemistry experiments. Young scientists will learn how to make ordinary powders such as baking soda fizz and foam. They can concoct a color-changing mixture with the included color tablets. They can create a rolling wave, a color-changing eruption, a glow-in-the-dark test tube, and so much more. Packed with all the tools and materials kids need to conduct these experiments, scientists will be ready to go.

While the kit includes an easy-to-follow activity guide to guide kids through the experiments, the kit also gives them the opportunity to create their very own experiments by mixing up ingredients and seeing what happens. This open-ended play really gives them the chance to get hands-on experience with experimentation, and really sparks that “if this, then what?” idea of thinking that is so critical in scientific learning.

This kit is designed for kids ages 6 and up, but will also be appealing to the slightly older tween age group. The Netflix series provides science-loving role models for girls that kids their own age that they can relate to, so being able to mimic and expand upon experiments they see on TV is a great way to deepen STEM learning. Unlike boring or intimidating science kits of the past, the Project Mc2We Heart Chemistry Kit brings its own style and personality.

*The Project MC2 We Heart Chemistry Kit was selected for the Toy Insider’s 2016 STEM 10 list.



Manufacturer: Alex Brands
MSRP: $25.50

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