Product Review Guidelines


At the Toy Insider, we know play! If you are a toy manufacturer and you have a product you’d like us to review, we would love to see it and share it with our readers! We accept toys, arts & crafts kits, subscription boxes, games, apps, movies, books, video games, baby gear, and select kids’ accessories. All submissions must be available to consumers for purchase in the U.S. All products must meet the Toy Insider’s quality standards. Please only submit products that are currently available for purchase and are in final production—we do not accept prototypes. If you are not sure if your product meets our requirements, please submit the info and an image first before you ship a sample!

Step 1

Send an email to Senior Editors Ali Mierzejewski and Marissa DiBartolo with the following information:

-Full company name
-Full product name
-Age range
-Talking points
-At least one retail link for consumers to purchase the product(s)
-Product and/or lifestyle images

Step 2

Mail a sample of the product to*:

307 Seventh Ave. #1601
New York NY, 10001

*If you would like the product returned to you once the review is complete, please include a return shipping label with the sample. Otherwise, the product will be donated to kids in need.

Step 3

Be patient! While we do our best to get through all products in a timely fashion, we get hundreds of requests. If your product launch date or the product content is time-sensitive, please let us know in an email and we will do our best to comply with your requests. We do not guarantee a time frame for your product to be reviewed.

Please note: If you send a product that is not in-line with the Toy Insider’s quality or content standards, it will not be reviewed and will only be returned to you if you provide a shipping label. Products submitted for an expert review will not be considered for our holiday or spring/summer gift guides. If you’d like to be considered for these seasonal gift guides, please inquire!