What’s that sugary-sweet smell? Why, the Prima Sugarina collectible dolls, of course.

WowWee’s new collectible dolls are spinning ballerinas that kids can collect, getting a whiff of something sweet as the candy-themed dancers spin around. Kids can collect and unbox 25 different dancers across six categories: Lollipops 🍭, Cupcakes 🧁, Gummies 🍬, Donuts 🍩, Mints, and Cookies 🍪. Plus, kids can be on the lookout for the Ultra Rare Prima Sugarina!

Prima Sugarinas come packaged inside colorful candy shells. The shells resemble those little hard candies wrapped in iridescent rainbow paper; they even feature a twist detail that mimics the crinkled paper found on the real candy treats. As kids open the shells, they’ll reveal the Sugarinas’ category, scent, and distinctive candy skirt. Once the unboxing is done, the real fun begins as kids ages 4 and up spin their dolls around to discover which can spin the longest. An included candy stand keeps Sugarinas safe and on display in between bouts of spinning.

Kids will notice that there *is* a bit of strategy involved in getting the ballerinas to spin. It’s all about that initial shell open: Pull each side of the candy shell open simultaneously, and make sure it’s resting on a hard, stable surface. The Prima Sugarinas start spinning right away, and if they don’t get off to a good start, it’s all over rather quickly. Once kids get the hang of it, they can take play a step further and battle friends to see who’s Sugarina spins the fastest — and longest.

Prima Sugarinas elevate the surprise reveal trend by incorporating some cooperative play and action. The fun isn’t all over once the doll’s category and scent are revealed — it’s just beginning.

See the sweet dolls up close and personal in the video below!