When I was a kid, my brothers and I would play all summer long, or during school vacations, using pretend play. We did not have a lot of money growing up and therefore not a lot of toys to play with. We had a lot of Little People Toys from Fisher-Price, and some dolls and action figures. Yet, most of our play was based on whatever we could come up with. Being the oldest, and the only girl, I would take charge and set up a pretend house. Sometimes I would even set up a pretend wedding. (My poor brother.) The house I would create may have been some chairs and a blanket inside or sticks and trees outside. We would find rocks and twigs for dishes and silverware, or use old plates and spoons indoors. Then we would find old clothes in the Goodwill bag to use to play dress up.

Today, there are so many products that foster the role playing that my brothers and I did. The ones that I wished I had as a kid are the fun costumes that are available today. When I was perusing the Just Pretend Kids website recently, I saw fun costumes such as princesses and dinosaurs. I could have totally seen my brothers dressed up as dinosaurs and trying to attack my pretend house! There are so many costumes from which to choose, so the only downside is picking just one! My brother often buys his boys their Halloween costumes from sites like Just Pretend Kids. He buys a slightly bigger size, and when Halloween is over, his boys have cool costumes for pretend play throughout the winter when kids are often stuck inside here in the Northeast!

Just Pretend Kids copy

If you have a girl, Just Pretend Kids has amazing princess costumes and fairy costumes. Even if you don’t need a full costume, they have accessories that any little girl would love to have, such as fairy wands and fairy wings, that can supplement the hand me down dress-up dresses that you may already have. With spring here and summer around the corner, your girls can flutter around the flowers in their fairy wings.

Pretend play is a classic play activity for kids. Pretend dress up is a great way for children to explore and learn about the world. For example, as your son or daughter dresses up as a dinosaur, get a book about dinosaurs that they can learn about too. If they get a ladybug costumes, go online and learn about ladybugs or see if they can find them in the backyard while in their costume! Maybe they can trick the ladybugs into coming out if they think your son or daughter is a ladybug!

Whatever costume they (or you) choose, there will be many memories and many opportunities for lots of fun.